Zach Westcott

Zach Westcott is a small town boy from Leesburg, New Jersey. Zach grew up listening to artists such as Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Tracy Lawrence and many more but also had strong rock/metal influences. At the age of 19, he decided to pack his bags and head down south to Nashville, Tennessee. He was ready to chase his dream of becoming a country singer. Zach is known for his love of traditional country music and his relatable lyrics.


Zach started his music career performing at big name establishments such as Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar, Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Food and Drink, and FGL House (Florida Georgia Line) in downtown Nashville. He has performed at many prestigious venues including the iconic Blue Bird Cafe and The Listening Room. Zach did not start out playing music in Nashville. His first job in Nashville was as a bouncer at FGL House. He then transferred to their sister bar Crazytown where he maintained his job as a bouncer.


Zach released his first single “Ain’t Here With Me” on November 2018. It was later re-released through Silverado Records on their Country Discovery Series Album on October 11th, 2019. He released his second single “Hold My Beer” in reflection to some of his younger and rowdier days. He often writes about the struggles he goes through and the memories he is unable to forget. His latest single, Turnin', says just that. It shows the raw, emotional feelings that everyone can relate to. Zach has released many singles and stays close to his roots by releasing songs that remind him of his life. 


Zach has played all over the country including multiple sold out shows. Opened for huge country acts like Lonestar. So come along, as we watch the journey of Zach Westcott unfold!